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1. YOUR GIRLY PRODUCTS AND CLOTHES AROUND HIS HOME. They may take up a lot of space in his abode; but he knows that they are yours. They serve as subtle reminders of your existence in his life. And it reminds him of how much he misses you whenever you’re not there with him. 2. YOUR COOKING SKILLS. You already know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It proves to him that you are someone who is perfectly capable of taking care of him. And he’s really going to miss your cooking skills whenever you aren’t around. He’s going to miss feeling pampered and taken care of. You spoil him; and it drives him crazy whenever he can’t be with you. 3. YOUR OVERALL HELPFULNESS…
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10 Places Where Men Most Love To Be Touched

We always want to be establishing physical intimacy in our relationship in an effort to get closer to our partners. In this day and age, no relationship is ever going to survive when there is no intimacy – both on an emotional and physical level. And that’s why you can’t be afraid of getting touchy with your man. You shouldn’t underestimate a man’s willingness and need to be sensual. Yes, he’s going to go crazy over all of those subtle touches, the suggestive glances, the sweet caresses, the passionate kisses, and the tight hugs. These are all great physical manifestations of love and you should never be shy about showing them to your man. You never want to be the withholding of your feelings in your own relationship. You wouldn’t…
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